Incredible Real Touch

Yo will be amazed when you touch your Bondage Silicon Baby Doll

Handpainted by Artists

When you Have a Bondage Silicon Baby Doll You Have a Real Art Piece

Collect them All

Bondage Silicon Baby Doll is not a Figure, is a Line of Silicon Figures, each one Unique

The History of the

The Project was conceived in 2010 when Luis Rodríguez “The Alchemist”, founder of realized that there was some silicon figures in the market, but were awful.

Weeks later he bought from Japan a PVC figure, and was love at the first sight.

And one day exercising on the hill came the idea that would change his life ..

"If only there were a figure with the sensation of silicon and the beautiful of the figures in PVC would be wonderful..."
Luis Rodriguez
The Alchemist

Some weeks later he knew a partner, Olin Tonatiuh who was an artist and knew some plastic arts…

Since that moment and for the next few years the goal was to create the world's most beautiful silicon sculptures for the adult collector

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